coach_picThrough individual or group coaching sessions, we will identify specific issues that will help you learn the right combination of skills to allow you to realize your full potential as a human and coach. Workshops will be tailored to the needs of the group, whether you choose to have coaches from the same sport, or have a variety of coaches from different sports or just yourself.

Example of consultation topics include:

  • Evaluating your coaching style
  • Learning how to motivate your athletes – what works and doesn’t work
  • Communicating more effectively with your athletes
  • Using mental performance assessments and techniques to teach your athletes the skills that will carry over the course of the season!
  • Learning how to set effective, yet challenging goals for yourself and your athletes
  • Controlling nervousness, distraction and anxiety
  • Managing anger
  • Relaxing and concentrating on cue
  • Increasing your self-confidence
  • Improving your communication with teammates
  • Increasing your life satisfaction
  • Managing your stress
  • Seeing yourself as successful

Individual coaching sessions are available through telephone or in-person. Coaching workshops are available for half-and full days.