Social Styles Inventory

This tool is used for individuals or groups of individuals to understand each other’s behaviors, in order to work effectively together, creating a high performance workplace.

  • Understand how others view your behavior.
  • Understand why you find some relationships more productive than others.
  • Develop insight about your behavioral strengths and behavioral weaknesses.
  • Make reliable assessments about another person’s behavior.
  • Develop a way of communicating with others that considers their behavioral needs and preferences.
  • Build on your strengths and the strengths of others to develop productive relationships.

Employees experience problems at work that are due to lack of interpersonal skills, and overwhelmingly agree that SOCIAL STYLE helps improve working relationships.*

  • 88% have seen communication breakdowns at work due to Style differences.
  • 87% have seen conflict situations due to Style differences.
  • 80% said that SOCIAL STYLE training has helped them have more effective relationships with co-workers.

Versatility is a measure of a person’s Image, Presentation, Competence, and Feedback, the areas that contribute to a person’s interpersonal skills. Versatility is a significant component of overall success, comparable to intelligence, previous work experience, and personality.