The Mindful Athlete


Every athlete’s goal is to create superior performance with consistency…A state in which our mind, body, and energy are operating in sync, allowing us to truly perform to the best of our abilities and talents.

At the highest level of competition, all athlete’s training programs and physical abilities are very similar to each other. What differentiates those who perform at their best from the ones who fall short of their intended goals, is the utilization of a well-crafted mental skills training program.

Just as technique, tactics, and physical skills are addressed on a daily basis, mental skills training needs to be integrated into an athlete’s training schedule and practiced on a regular basis.

Learning the skills to create the right mindset gives you the opportunity to keep your head clear and allows for productive and effective thinking, allowing your body to do what it has trained to do in a relaxed and engaged state.

Your ability to control your mental and emotional state allows not only high performance but will help create a psychological foundation for confidence and well-being that will cascade into many different areas of your life.

The objectives of this six week program are to:

  • Introduce the top six areas of mental training.
  • Practice concepts of mindfulness and meditation and learn how to apply these concepts to your daily life and in sport.
  • Demonstrate how effective thinking and learning to relax can positively affect your performance.
  • Improve your mental game so that you perform at your ultimate potential with consistency.
  • Learn hands-on strategies so that you are ready for every competition regardless of level.

Here is what participants have said about their best takeaways from this program:

  • “Knowing I can hit that high state of relaxation with focus”.
  • “Learning how to just focus on the game and keeping your mind away from other thoughts”
  • “Slow things down and stay in the moment”
  • “Be positive in any situations”
  • “The breathing and centering myself. I find myself in stressful situation and it helps me.”
  • “Being able to control and keep my performance high.”
  • “The ability to understand mindfulness and ways of achieving it.”
  • “Learning to control negative thoughts on the field and to overcome them.”
  • “I can focus much better, I don’t down on my mistakes nearly as long.”
  • “I can maintain calmness and can relax myself easily.”