team_picTeam consultation includes assessment and evaluation to determine contributing issues, plus individual consultations pinpointing the kind of work needed to create the unity necessary for ultimate team success.

Examples of interventions include:

  • Creating team cohesion through experiential and leadership exercises
  • Performance enhancement – similar to individual sessions, but performed in a group setting.
  • Learning how to set effective, yet challenging goals for yourself
  • Controlling nervousness, distraction and anxiety
  • Managing your energy, anger, or pain
  • Relaxing and concentrating on cue
  • Increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improving your communication with teammates
  • Increasing your life satisfaction
  • Managing your stress
  • Seeing yourself as successful

Prices vary by package chosen. Package options include:

  • 1 session presentations – half-day and full-day available
  • 3 session – 2 preseason, 1 followup
  • Full season, including preseason

On the Field and in the Classroom

My players have been able to engage Barbara on an individual basis to help to improve their own performances on the field and in the classroom. She also has excelled in leading our team as a group to problem solve, set goals and readily define the culture that is UC Men’s Soccer.

- Hylton Dayes, Head Coach, UC Men’s Soccer